Missionary Training Programs

The missionary training college is a division of Glory Bible College. The college offers various training options and pathways to be trained as:
Bible Teacher
Orphanage Planter / Manager
Senior Pastor
And many more options. You will see more options at: Glory Bible College Career Options.

Program Length:
We have Certificate programs that can be complete in 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year.
We have Associate degree Programs that can be completed in two years.
We have diplomas that can be completed in three years.
We have a bachelor’s degree program that can be completed in 4 years and and a Master’s degree that can be completed in 5 years.
If you already have some training from an accredited College or University, we can accept that toward a higher degree. We require official transcripts for that.

If you are ready to learn and grow in Christ, chances are that we have a program that will help you do that.

Prerequisites: click here.

Start Dates: Monday nearest to January 15, March 15,  June 15, & September 15

Application Deadlines: We have a rolling admission. This means we do not have a “hard” deadline by which your application must be received but instead continue to accept applications until the class is full. However, we strongly encourage students to apply early. In addition to applying early, we also strongly encourage students who have been admitted to pay their deposit to hold their spots so that they are guaranteed to start on the dates indicated on their application. We do not guarantee acceptance even if the applicant is very qualified if the application comes in too late. We use a first-come, first-served process that will grant admissions to students who applied earlier but may not have been as qualified as others who applied late.

Learning Format: The Missionary Training College combines online or on campus learning with optional outreach opportunities to enable students to live out what they have learned. The Missionary Training College creates an environment for the Holy Spirit to work with students to develop a lifestyle that will lead to healthy and continuous growth in their relationship with God. Christianity is a practical faith, not a theoretical faith. A person will never understand the depths and the riches of God’s love as God desires them to understand until they themselves experience what mother Teresa discovered and said “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” When you have poured all the love you can give until it hurts, and you see that God’s love continues to flow through you, you will understand experientially what God’s love really is–how deep and how infinite it is.

On-campus students have classes 4 days per week. Distance education students do the work on their own time. Assignments due weekly for students with internet access. For students from areas in developing countries where internet access is not readily available, assignments must be submitted monthly. Talk to your instructor if you have any special needs.

Tuition: Click here.